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4-3-4 GROW Plant Food (6lb.)

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MightyGrow 4-3-4 GROW Plant Food is the perfect answer for any organic gardener’s needs.  It is an organic, poultry litter based fertilizer, with added beneficial microbes and trace minerals. 

MightyGrow 4-3-4 GROW Plant Food is great for all types of flowering plants, vegetables, shrubbery and landscaping grasses.  At over 50% carbon, MightyGrow 4-3-4 GROW Plant Food creates a healthier soil profile for plants and provides a more nutritionally complete environment for promoting more consistent, thriving, and luscious plants. 

With over 70 trace minerals in trace amounts and 7 species of beneficial bacteria and fungi, MightyGrow 4-3-4 GROW is ready to go to work on your soil and plants.