Frequently Asked Questions

Is MightyGrow Organic Fertilizer safe to use around bodies of water?

  • MightyGrow Fertilizer is NOT raw, but has been processed into a safe, stable, environmentally friendly organic fertilizer. In fact, Mighty Grow supplies fertilizer to municipalities for land remediation around creeks and streams. RAW poultry litter can pollute surface and ground water, as evidenced by environmental problems that have occurred in areas of concentrated poultry production.

Since MightyGrow Organic Fertilizer is made from chicken manure, is there an odor issue?

  • No. Once Mighty Grow Fertilizer are either mixed with your soil or watered into your lawn, the minimal odor dissipates very quickly, generally overnight.

Will MightyGrow Organic Fertilizer burn my plants or lawn?

  • Many people have experience burning when using RAW poultry manures. MightyGrow fertilizers are made from processed manure. When used as directed, Mighty Grow will not burn your plants or your lawn. Because MightyGrow is 10x more nutrient dense than composted manures, you can use less, rather than more, to achieve great results.

Does MightyGrow Organic Fertilizer contain any pathogenic bacteria?

  • No! We follow the guidelines of the National Organic Program for processing manures. Adequate heat is achieved twice during processing, completely eliminating any pathogenic bacteria.

Are the ingredients in MightyGrow Organic Fertilizer slow-release or fast-release?

  • The nitrogen in poultry litter is normally a combination of fast-release ammonia and slow-release nitrates. Our process converts much of the nitrogen into a slow-release form of nitrogen while the remainder is immediately planted available. MightyGrow Fertilizer is ready to go to work as soon as it hits the ground and will feed your soil for several months.

How does MightyGrow Organic Fertilizer differ from other poultry manure-based fertilizers?

  • Some poultry litter-based fertilizers are made from composted manure, which has a low nutrient analysis.
  • MightyGrow is fortified with bio-available trace minerals.
  • MightyGrow is inoculated with a proprietary blend of soil microbes that create the synergy needed for optimum soil and plant health.

    Are MightyGrow Fertilizers safe for pets and children?

    • Yes. MightyGrow Fertilizer is safe and natural, and won’t harm people, plants or pets. It is recommended that you water the lawn after applying MightyGrow Fertilizer to work it into the root zone.

    Does Mighty Grow Fertilizer have a shelf life?

    • We recommend that MightyGrow fertilizers are used within one year of purchase. Although the microbes in our fertilizer are in a state of suspended animation, conditions where they are stored could cause some deterioration. Store the bags in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight and your Mighty Grow Fertilizer will be ready for you when you are ready for it.