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Why Grow Organically in Soil?

Growing flowers, vegetables, and plants in soil is the most natural way to cultivate. Whether you are growing indoors or outdoors, soil cultivation is not only natural but extremely versatile. Soil growing can be done in containers (or pots), in rowed ground, or in raised garden beds. Soil growing is also easier, more cost efficient, and less labor intensive than other soil-less growing medium practices.  Not only that, but it is the way nature has been doing it, and intending it, since the dawn of time! Almost everyone has a little experience growing some type of plant in the soil. The learning curve, effort, and expertise required to get great results from soil cultivation is much lower than alternative techniques. It is also the most natural and organic way of growing your plants!

Organic growing, using organic amendments and methods, is the most natural, healthy, and chemical FREE way of cultivating your own flowers, vegetables, and plants; for both you and your cherished garden inhabitants! Done properly, organic growing methods should yield healthier, higher quality, and more disease resistant results than alternative growing practices. The premise is simple, use organic amendments and no chemicals!  MightyGrow’s organic product line makes is easy to get started and have great success!

Why use MightyGrow?

MightyGrow’s products and simple growing system are field tested and proven to help you achieve the high quality organic gardening results you desire. No more endless searches on when, how, and what to use to grow organically. MightyGrow has everything you need. 

Every pot, bed, or grow area is a plant’s own ecosystem that works in beautiful, NATURAL harmony. MightyGrow’s product line has something for every part of that ecosystem to ensure optimal results.  MightyGrow products add biology to the soil to help make nutrients plant-available. Think of it as your plant’s digestive system.  The micro nutrients and minerals in trace amounts create building blocks for optimal soil health; It’s like a multivitamin for your soil.  We know that the healthiest soil produces the strongest, healthiest plants. If you want to organically grow robust plants that yield delicious fruits, vegetables, buds, and flowers that have superior nutrition, intense colors, flavors, and oils chemical FREE, then look no further than MightyGrow’s product line for all of your growing needs! The best part is that it’s as easy as 1-2-3! Get your soil, transplants, or seeds. Ready your pots, raised beds, or growing area. Get your MightyGrow, and simply follow the instructions and easy to use feeding chart.  All that will be left to do is watch your garden flourish!

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